We help you reach a mutually satisfying agreement

As an alternative to living with the stress of conflict or the anxiety of the formal legal system, mediation can help people in conflict find workable solutions quickly and affordably. Using a confidential process, our team of accredited mediators can help you reach a mutually satisfying agreement with the other parties.

E.S. Consulting conducts civil, commercial, workplace, banking, medical, copyright, family mediations as well as mediations in many more fields of disputes.

We can assist you in the following types of dispute:

Banking: We specialize in Banking Mediation, as we have substantial experience in the banking sector and banking expertise, and more specifically in the field of delayed loans and NPLs, including also restructurings and extra charges imposed by the banks, credit and debit cards, contract terms etc.

Intercultural and Cross border mediation: We handle any cross border mediations, as well as mediations with non-greek speaking parties directly in English and German.

General Civil- Commercial: including all contractually based claims . We also conduct mediations concerning commercial, insurance, financial, land, inheritance, professional negligence, construction, landlord and tenant, workplace, family, copyright and medical disputes as well as disputes about accidents, delivery times, faulty products, refusal of payment, buy/sell or use of properties etc