Consulting Services

Restructure your debt in the most profitable way and get Financial security, independence and long term sustainability

Debt Advisory and Restructuring

With more than 22 years banking experience we provide specialist advice in distress situations, when and where you need it, as well as debt restructuring advice and help you sort out any of your financial issues you may have towards banks or other institutions. After reviewing your current financial situation we negotiate directly with the banks on your behalf and we find the best solution for you.

Every situation is different and we have experts in all specialist areas to ensure you get the right advice for your situation.

We can assist you with:

  • Developing restructuring proposals
  • In depth knowledge of bank documentation and credit committee process
  • Inter-creditor negotiations
  • Collateral and covenant analysis
  • Identification of appropriate debt instruments and pricing, using market intelligence and deep-rooted lender network

Our experienced banking professionals can help you address any financial obligation issue your business may have and negotiate with the banks your debt restructuring on your behalf. In this context, we will review your current financial and liquidity situation, we will prepare your business cash flow projections and we will provide solid debt restructuring advice.

Corporate Financial Restructuring

If your business has too much debt we can work with you to implement solutions to guide you back to financial security and health. We pro-actively address these issues early and we create a stable platform for your future growth. We help you get the right debt structure for your business needs and we provide you with valuable support in this critical time of the business life cycle. We also offer you a variety of corporate restructuring services that will allow you to improve your businesse’s position.

Our core restructuring and business recovery services are delivered through a team of experts operating across Greece. We are also supported by associate experts such as lawyers and economists to undertake recovery and reorganisation assignments.

Our solutions are: crisis stabilization and turnaround, financial restructuring, accelerated M&A process or in more critical situations insolvency.